Roll conveyor

- We have many kind of roller conveyors which can be divided by properties


Belt conveyor

operation in various industries such as: Food & Medical Industry, Electronic Parts Production & Assembly Industry...


Screw conveyor

Desc for screw conveyor here

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Chain Conveyor

We have many kind of roller conveyors which can be divided by properties 


Bucket conveyor

We design, manufacture and maintain various kind of bucket elevators- 



-Lifting Table,Silo,Rack, Magnetics Septarator,Weighting Unit,Cooling Line,Scrap Conveyor,Oven etc...



-Cutting Machine,Test Pieces Machine, Turn Table, Dumper Unit,Leaked Test Unit etc... 


Wellroll Company Limited

We can design and manufacture much kind of belt conveyor for appropriate service and operation in various industries such as: Food & Medical Industry,Consumer Industry, Automotive Industry or Cement & Building Industry ect.

Our product options:

  • Various conveyor belt materials can be used for the appropriate operation with respect to the material being conveyed: PVC, Polyurethane (PU) rubber or fabric.
  • Structure, support, frame, cover, chute and guide are made from steel, aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Operation speed of the conveyor is either fixed or variable.
  • Additional working table can be applied at either or both sides of a conveyor that is used in operations involving human work, such as electronic parts production and assembly, food and medical production etc.
  • Additional lights to the work spot can be installed for operator’s convenience.
  • Additional electricity and/or air supply plugs are applicable for related equipment.
  • Additional guide can be applied to prevent material flow to wrong direction.
  • Additional cover can be applied for dust protection and easy floor cleansing.
  • Installation is accomplished accordingly to the requirements of the operating environment such as indoor, outdoor, underground, floor and overhead.
  • Installation can be accomplished in conjunction with other equipment such as oven, scale, filling machine, printing machine, counting machine, barcode scanner and sizing machine etc.

Conveyor width and length can be utilized according to each operation and application respectively. Drive unit will be designed and selected by using our engineering expertise. Manufacturing, assembly and installation will be accomplished by our highly experienced technical team. Quality is monitored in all stages of the processes respectively.