Rotary valve size 4 Inch

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rotary valve dn100

Rotary valve size 4 Inch


WSV100 is a 4-inch rotary valve (Size DN100).


In choosing a small rotary valve, besides considering the material discharge rate per revolution and the operating speed, we should also consider the size of the inlet port of the rotary valve that we will be using. Each material has different channel capacity properties. small rotary valve The small inlet port prevents some materials from flowing into the valve housing and thus can clog the valve face.


Each material has the property of flowing through channels of different sizes, such as rice husk, rice bran, sawdust, or chopped wood, will flow through the channel rather difficult or not flow. Therefore, smaller valves cannot be used together.


However, the test is an alternative method used in selecting the size of the rotary valve. This is especially true for materials that have not been tested or used before.


We are happy to do material flow testing for a free rotary valve size selection. The customer is responsible for the material cost and the cost of sending the material to be tested to us.




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