Belt conveyor

Used in the conveying of machined chips from CNC machines. Suitable for short turning chips.

Conveying objects up and/or down an incline Appropriate slope and speed should be considered.

Can be designed for use in applications that require heavy loads, high dust, high ambient temperatures and low maintenance. very well.

Belt conveyor can be built in many forms. to meet the needs of customers.

Used to transport small workpieces Good for hard or sharp workpieces Commonly used for conveying workpieces or scraps from hydraulic pumps machine or auto lathes.

Multi-functional design Inexpensive, easy to maintain

Size width = 100 mm, height = 10 m. Food grade.

Use in general purpose.

Box or work pieces can accumulation on the conveyor.

Use in packing line.

Overhaul work are possible for our product.

For the long distant conveying, Belt conveyor is one kind of low cost equipment.

W=2.0 m., L = 2.0 m. Operate in paper industry.

As show is drive by belt. Use in paper manufacturer.

Manufacturing and supply the conveyor roller’s for general application. We welcome for the custom size.

D300 mm. Length 11 m.

W=500 mm, L = 12,800 mm. Operate in paper industry.

Belt width = 500 mm. Length = 3 m. Loading port height = 500 mm. Unloading port adjustable height = 1,100~1,500 mm. Full load on conveyor = 50 kg.

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Belt conveyor 700 BW

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