Belt conveyor

Used in motorcycle tire production.

Used to transport aluminum scrap in alloy production line

Used in automobile parts production line.

used for conveying sand in the foundry

Used to convey charcoal powder in activated carbon production plants.

Used to convey workpieces in general industrial plants.

Used for conveying scrap workpieces in the production line of automobile parts.

Used to convey scrap workpieces in the production line of automobile parts.

Bucket elevator using belt(centrifugal discharge) are used to convey raw materials in grain storage.

Used in production lines in general industrial plants.

Used in plastic parts injection line

Used for conveying work in a corrugated cardboard factory. Easy to maintain, long lasting use

Used for conveying workpieces in casting factories for automobile parts.

Used to convey the cement powder to the mixer in the cement mixing platform.

Used for conveying workpieces in metal parts manufacturing plants.

Centrifugal type using belt. Used to convey coal powder to be used as fuel for the boiler system. In a tractor tire factory.

Belt drive pulley, belt snub pulley, belt idle roller, belt support roller, thread spool roller

It is used in the auto parts factory to receive the parts from the metal stamping machine and send it to the oven.

The cost of building is not very high. Can be used in general industrial applications The composition is not complicated. easy care

Generally used to convey powder, lump (small) or granular materials vertically upwards. The operation of the machine is different. Should consider choosing the right one for use. easy maintenance The working mechanism is not complicated.

It is commonly used for conveying lumps, powders or seeds such as paddy, rice husk, stone, sand, coal, cassava or beans.

Used in food manufacturing plants. Can be manufactured with steel or stainless steel material. Can be designed to work with other related devices.

Used to transport small workpieces Good for hard or sharp workpieces. Can be used with hot workpieces. Commonly used for conveying workpieces or scraps from hydraulic pumps machine or auto lathes.

Troughed type belt conveyor. Assembled from standard parts for belt width 500 mm. Used in tapioca processing plants. Easy to maintain, durable, affordable

Used in production line of the green sand for casting. easy care, durable, affordable

Used in chemical (flammable) packing plants. Can be used in hazardous areas durable, affordable

Used in paper factories for making paper boxes.

Used to transport raw materials in industrial machinery parts factories. Load capacity 7,500 kg.

Used for conveying machined chips in automobile alloy factory. Works well with fluted or threaded chips up to 2 inches in length.

Used to convey materials in industrial plants.

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