Chain conveyor

The material used can be made of both steel and stainless steel. depending on the suitability of use

Use in Cement mixers plant Biomass Power Plant or general purpose Made in Thailand. Spare parts ready to ship.

Used in biomass power plants, mills, tapioca mills and general industrial plants. For feed, ash, dust, lime, rice husk, rice bran or chopped potato, etc.

Loading and unloading materials perpendicularly can be done in several ways. The use of track rollers is another method that is easy to use, productive and inexpensive.

Width = 1,250 mm., Capacity = 440 Kg/m. Used to convey the workpiece in the production line.

Used to transport aluminum scraps into the furnace.

This type of screw conveyor Can be created and used on certain occasions. This screw is used to convey the machined chips from the CNC machine, which works well.

Troughed type belt conveyor, lightweight frame construction model. Used to convey raw materials in industrial plants.

Model C102B is a Cast Combination Chain consisting of an inner chain made of cast iron which is cast as a single piece.

Used in the conveying of machined chips from CNC machines. Suitable for short turning chips.

Used to transport small workpieces Good for hard or sharp workpieces Commonly used for conveying workpieces or scraps from hydraulic pumps machine or auto lathes.

The device, in conjunction with a rotary airlock, receives material released from silos for feeding to pneumatic conveyor.

Overhaul work are possible for our product.

ระบบขนถ่ายวัสดุที่ดีจะต้องประหยัดเงิน เวลา และ แรงงาน โดยทำให้งานขนถ่ายนั้นง่าย สะดวก และ โดยใช้วิธีขนถ่ายที่ดีกว่า

We supply and manufecturing the overhead chain conveyor and its spare parts.

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