Prevent knocking of tubular screw conveyor

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Prevent knocking of tubular screw conveyor


A screw conveyor that is created using the same blade pitch over its entire length. Applications of this type of screw conveyor should be equipped with a control feed device for the material feeding in to the screw conveyor, to prevent knocking (Knock) of the screw conveyor. This occurs easily with tubular screw conveyer, long length and slope applications. The cause is because the screw conveyor at the inlet (loading) range of the material is fully loaded. The incoming material has a chance to be packed into the next pitch. Which have the same width Having a control device for feeding screw conveyors will control the material inflow rate so that the material does not flow too much into the screw conveyor. This type of screw conveyer can also be used well in cases where material handling is carried out by means of a forward or continuous multi-conveying device where the feed rate is controlled by the loading device. The first carrier was at the beginning of the transfer line.


The construction of a screw conveyor using the blade pitch at the entrance short pitch than the general pitch (conveying pitch) is another way to prevent knocking of the screw conveyors. Due to the compression of the material during the conveying after the material compresses at the inlet, when it reaches the conveying range, the pitch is wider. The material will break down, not compact, making it easy to flow. To calculate the loading rate of this type of screw conveyor, the inlet pitch is used to calculate, in other words, the inlet conveyor screw blade pitch determines the material handling rate.



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