roller conveyor

Used in automobile parts production lines

Used in conjunction with the turn table in the engine parts production line.

used to transport raw materials in the chemical industry.

Used for conveying workpiece trays in general manufacturing

Used to convey workpieces in automobile parts factories.

Used to convey workpieces in general industrial plants.

Used to convey workpieces in general industrial plants.

Used to convey lumps of rubber in the tire production line.

Used for conveying work in a corrugated cardboard factory. Easy to maintain, long lasting use

Used for conveying workpieces in casting factories for automobile parts.

Used for conveying corrugated paper in a carton factory. Can bear the weight of 500 kg/m.

Increasing the number of screw axes of the feeder This increases the width of the inlet of the material flowing into the feeder.

Used in food manufacturing plants. Can be manufactured with steel or stainless steel material. Can be designed to work with other related devices.

Used in chemical (flammable) packing plants. Can be used in hazardous areas durable, affordable

Used in paper factories for making paper boxes.

Used to transport raw materials in industrial machinery parts factories. Load capacity 7,500 kg.

Used to convey materials in industrial plants.

The material used can be made of both steel and stainless steel. depending on the suitability of use

Loading and unloading materials perpendicularly can be done in several ways. The use of track rollers is another method that is easy to use, productive and inexpensive.

Width = 1,250 mm., Capacity = 440 Kg/m. Used to convey the workpiece in the production line.

Used to convey the workpiece in the production line.

Can be designed for use in applications that require heavy loads, high dust, high ambient temperatures and low maintenance. very well.

Multi-functional design Inexpensive, easy to maintain

Production and distribution Conveyor rollers for general industrial applications

Use in general purpose.

Box or work pieces can accumulation on the conveyor.

Use in packing line.

For the long distant conveying, Belt conveyor is one kind of low cost equipment.

As show is drive by belt. Use in paper manufacturer.

Manufacturing and supply the conveyor roller’s for general application. We welcome for the custom size.

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