Bucket elevator

Used to transport sand in the glass production line.

Used to convey raw materials in the calcium carbonate factory.

Used to convey coal to the boiler.

Used to convey charcoal powder in activated carbon production plants.

Bucket elevator using belt(centrifugal discharge) are used to convey raw materials in grain storage.

Chain-type buckets (continuous buckets) are used to convey raw materials in the chemical fertilizer production line.

Bucket elevator using belt Used to transport coal to the silo.

Used to transport coal to the silo to use as fuel for the boiler system. in a rubber glove factory.

Centrifugal type using belt. Used to convey coal powder to be used as fuel for the boiler system. In a tractor tire factory.

Used to convey sand casting from the shell core making machine.

The cost of building is not very high. Can be used in general industrial applications The composition is not complicated. easy care

Generally used to convey powder, lump (small) or granular materials vertically upwards. The operation of the machine is different. Should consider choosing the right one for use. easy maintenance The working mechanism is not complicated.

It is commonly used for conveying lumps, powders or seeds such as paddy, rice husk, stone, sand, coal, cassava or beans.

Used to transport carbon black powder. Besides being used for conveying cement powder Cement screw conveyor also work well with materials with similar characteristics and bulk properties.

Troughed type belt conveyor. Assembled from standard parts for belt width 500 mm. Used in tapioca processing plants. Easy to maintain, durable, affordable

Used in production line of the green sand for casting. easy care, durable, affordable

Used to convey sand for making molds in foundries. Weld face blades for better wear resistance. Under good maintenance it can be used for 15 years.

Centrifugal type, using belt. Use the material to load up the silo. It is used in building materials factory.

Size: 600 mm. long, 7 m. used for conveying soybean meal.

Centrifugal type using belt. used to transport limestone in the calcium carbonate factory

Use in Cement mixers plant Biomass Power Plant or general purpose Made in Thailand. Spare parts ready to ship.

Troughed type belt conveyor, lightweight frame construction model. Used to convey raw materials in industrial plants.

Model C102B is a Cast Combination Chain consisting of an inner chain made of cast iron which is cast as a single piece.

Size width = 100 mm, height = 10 m. Food grade.

Use to control feed of lime to the pneumatic conveyor.

The device, in conjunction with a rotary airlock, receives material released from silos for feeding to pneumatic conveyor.

Model: D250mm x L 13 m. Used in soy mill.

This rotary valve is design to control flow of tapioca in feeds mill.

D300 mm. Length 11 m.

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