Screw conveyor

Generally used to convey powder, lump (small) or granular materials vertically upwards. The operation of the machine is different. Should consider choosing the right one for use. easy maintenance The working mechanism is not complicated.

Used to transport small workpieces Good for hard or sharp workpieces. Can be used with hot workpieces. Commonly used for conveying workpieces or scraps from hydraulic pumps machine or auto lathes.

Increasing the number of screw axes of the feeder This increases the width of the inlet of the material flowing into the feeder.

Used to transport carbon black powder. Besides being used for conveying cement powder Cement screw conveyor also work well with materials with similar characteristics and bulk properties.

Used to control the release of sugar from the silo. Valve material is stainless steel.

Troughed type belt conveyor. Assembled from standard parts for belt width 500 mm. Used in tapioca processing plants. Easy to maintain, durable, affordable

Used in production line of the green sand for casting. easy care, durable, affordable

Used to convey ash in power plants. Can be used for dusty work middle high temperature corrosion resistant.

Used to convey sand for making molds in foundries. Weld face blades for better wear resistance. Under good maintenance it can be used for 15 years.

It is used in the beverage factory. Used to feed the material into the pneumatic conveyor system. The rotor can be removed, washed - cleaned.

Used for conveying machined chips in automobile alloy factory. Works well with fluted or threaded chips up to 2 inches in length.

Size: 600 mm. long, 7 m. used for conveying soybean meal.

Used to control the rate of coal powder discharge into the pneumatic conveying system.

Use in Cement mixers plant Biomass Power Plant or general purpose Made in Thailand. Spare parts ready to ship.

Used in biomass power plants, mills, tapioca mills and general industrial plants. For feed, ash, dust, lime, rice husk, rice bran or chopped potato, etc.

Used to transport aluminum scraps into the furnace.

This type of screw conveyor Can be created and used on certain occasions. This screw is used to convey the machined chips from the CNC machine, which works well.

Troughed type belt conveyor, lightweight frame construction model. Used to convey raw materials in industrial plants.

In choosing a small rotary valve, besides considering the material discharge rate per revolution and the operating speed, we should also consider the size of the inlet port of the rotary valve that we will be using. Each material has different channel capacity properties. small rotary valve The small inlet port prevents some materials from flowing into the valve housing and thus can clog the valve face.

Used in concrete mixing plants

Using in biomass power plants.

If we want to make cement screws without using the cement screw gear set. We can prevent dust from entering the bearing assembly. By bringing the seal box at the end of the gear head set, the cement screw is installed to prevent dust for the bearing.

Use for cement screw conveyor gear box. Use for shaft size 50 mm or 70 mm.

Model #219, length 14.3 m. Used in cement mixing plant.

Economical price, easy care, practical use It is used to control ash emissions in waste, biomass or coal-fired power plants.

Bending of the conveyer screw shaft is done in several ways. But that we often use 2 methods Is bending by mechanical method (using a hydraulic jack) or bending by heat method (welding or using a gas nozzle).

Single shaft Dia. 0.45 m, length 9 m. Ashes conveying under the boiler Use water to cool the central shaft.

This can be determined by selecting either hand that can be extended with the thumb parallel to the axis of the screw conveyer. And can hold all four fingers around the axis of the screw conveyer In the same direction as the flight around the axis of the screw conveyer. If it's the left hand, it's called the left hand, or if it's the right hand,

The construction of a screw conveyor using the blade pitch at the entrance short pitch than the general pitch (conveying pitch) is another way to prevent knocking of the screw conveyors. Due to the compression of the material during the conveying after the material compresses at the inlet, when it reaches the conveying range, the pitch is wider. The material will break down, not compact, making it easy to flow. To calculate the loading rate of this type of screw conveyor, the inlet pitch is used to calculate, in other words, the inlet conveyor screw blade pitch determines the material handling rate.

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